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Quit Smoking Academy

Quit Smoking Academy

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Welcome to the Quit Smoking Academy! Here you will find the help you need to quit successfully, easily, and permanently! The quit smoking program you will complete here - called The Complete Quit System - is a step-by-step approach to dealing with both the physical addiction to nicotine, and more importantly, the psychological addiction to smoking.

The Complete Quit System has been around for awhile, but the Quit Smoking Academy is a new platform for delivering it. The goal for now is to begin to create the community support forum for people quitting using the Complete Quit System. If you're here, it's because you've agreed to be a part of that important process, so Thank You!

Available Courses

  • There is a lot of misinformation about smoking out there - for instance, the idea that the nicotine addiction is what makes it hard. In this brief course, you will discover whether you have any misconceptions about smoking that are making it harder for you to quit successfully.

    You'll also complete the steps necessary to be ready for "Day 1" of the "Step-by-Step to Quit Day" course.
  • Learn how to eliminate your desire to smoke, so you can quit for good, and feel happy and comfortable afterwards. This program deals with both the physical addiction to nicotine and the psychological dependence on smoking. For most people it is the psychological dependence that makes it hard to STAY quit.

    You do not need patches, pills, or other quit smoking aids to complete this program and successfully quit smoking. However, if your doctor has prescribed a quit smoking medication, it can easily be successfully combined with this program.
  • You know it's not all over the day after you quit, right? If you quit using techniques to eliminate the psychological addiction, it will be a lot easier, but you still need some support to make sure you stay quit.

    In the course, you'll discover the best ways to get closure after quitting, so you can feel happy and comfortable afterwards, and NOT like you're just waiting to see how long you can hold out. You'll also continue to build on techniques for developing new responses for old situations in which you used to smoke.

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